The Cost to attend? $0.00 BUT we do ask that you help us attract the most diverse (industry and background) set of entrepreneurs and create the most inclusive environment – this means inviting and bringing people, not just attending and participating.

You can help us spread the word on Twitter or on Instagram or anywhere you can publish using #UnstuckPgh

Guidelines for the meet up:

1) Be on time, when you come in late (after 7:55AM) then you cause a disruption for everyone who got there on time.  Parents get a pass if they had to send someone off to school but otherwise please make best efforts to be early (help set up), get coffee, use the restroom, etc before we start.

2) No solicitation of services *cool if someone comes to you but consultants/lawyers/coaches beware, any sales pitches and you’ll have to find a new Monday ritual

3) Make sure to state whether what you are saying is an opinion or fact (both very much welcome) so to not confuse anyone about where the point of view comes from

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